The Future of Collections

Velocity Debt Recovery System makes your loan collection process automated, agile, and swift. Origanization can advantages from futuristic mechanisms of accepting digital payments, AI backed report generation, and conclusive monitoring of each stage of the recovery process.

Automated Reminders

Intimate your customers about their upcomming due dates for repayment of loan installations, or any important notifications through pre-set automated SMS reminders. It establishes a connect with the customers, and soar the probability of receiving payments on time.

Coherent Work Delegation

Ensure supreme understanding and clarity between all the team members involved in the debt recovery process. Effectively delegate responsibility to each individual to prevent uncertainly, establish accountability, and boost productivity.

Geo Tagging

Saving the effort of your on-ground debt collections team to scout customer’s information such as their address, contact number, etc from scattered sources during every repayment cucle, Geo tagging enables them to tag all the required data about the customers on a singular portal when they go to collect the first installment, so that they can access it instantly during future collections.

key Benefits

  • With insightful reports, reduce the risks of NPLs with timely actions against

  • Enhanced customer engagement with timely automated messages and notifications

  • Maximum support and coordination with the on-ground debt collections team

  • Reduce the costs and time spent in manual processes

  • Transparency in every steps to prevent errors and frauds.